What Is I-SAVE?

Illinois Supporting All Veterans Equally (I-SAVE) Foundation doing business as: Warrior Summit Coalition 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization that provides transition services to service members, veterans and their families.  Warrior Summit Coalition (WSC) currently works with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Illinois, City of Chicago, a host of veteran service organizations, businesses and educational institutions to combine all available resources in a centralized location for military veterans.

WSC constantly and consistently promotes positive community relations, and presents military veterans and families with many opportunities to achieve their future goals. WSC also advocates networking between different organizations, which improve business to business relations that enhance the quality of veteran support services, in turn, helping thousands of military, veterans and families.

In 2010, the members of WSC  received The President’s Volunteer Excellence Award for hosting the inaugural Welcome Home Warrior Summit; a first in kind,  comprehensive expo that combines all available veteran resources in one central location. This is the largest and most comprehensive veteran re-integration event in the Midwest. The Warrior Summit connects military veterans and their families with programs and services to include, but are not limited to: VA Benefits, Employment, Education, Housing, Legal, Disability Services, Mental & Emotional Health, as well as Child and Family Services.

Throughout the year, WSC assists veterans and their families with their day-to-day needs by educating and connecting veterans to the resources that are available to them.  If a resource is needed by veterans and family members, WSC advocates for the veteran to find, provide, and if need be, create that resource for veterans and their family members.


What We Do For Our Veterans


WSC connects military veterans with employment opportunities through partnering with government and veteran support organizations to provide Job-Readiness-Training (JRT) & hiring and resource fairs at no cost.

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We partner with government entities, veteran support organizations, and military friendly colleges & institutions to host education workshops to make the transition from active duty to the classroom as seamless as possible.

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We help decreases the homeless veteran rate by providing free housing workshops that educate veterans on benefits available to them through partnering government agencies and other support organizations.

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Through organizational partnerships, WSC increases the financial stability of veterans by hosting workshops that promote financial literacy, wealth management and money management; all to help veterans become more financially responsible.

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We connect veterans with a wide range of legal services to assist veterans with a vast range of legal issues. Services include, but are not limited to: appealing VA disability claims, expungement services or rehabilitative and re-integration services.

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Mental & Emotional Health

WSC aims to decrease the number of veteran’s suicides through partnering with community organizations and local government entities to connect veterans with counseling services that aids all veterans with transitioning back to civilian society.

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WSC increases civic engagement of disabled veterans by connecting them with supportive services that aids transition to civilian society, at no cost to service member or family member.

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Women and Family Services

WSC connects women veterans with the resources and services necessary in order for them to positively transition and sustain, as well as provide a network for women veterans.

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Throughout the year I-SAVE hosts on various events in order for veterans and their family to connect with other veterans outside of traditional veterans services or support groups.

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Get To Know Us

(I-SAVE) Foundation dba Warrior Summit Coalition is a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization that aids the veteran community by connecting them will all available resources to ensure sustainability after military service. Since 2010, WSC has connected over 15,000 military veterans and families to over 400 organizations, businesses, and government entities who offer customized supportive services at no cost to them.
Many Active, Reserve and National Guard components return from service and have difficulty finding the proper direction and guidance for connecting available programs and services. WSC is working daily uniting the veteran community to provide veterans and family members immediate access to veteran support services. Providing these resources to veterans up front, before an issue arises, is paramount in reducing the amount of veteran unemployment, criminal activity , homelessness, and, most importantly, veterans suicide; improving the quality of life and positively impacting society as a whole.
Illinois Supporting All Veterans Equally (I-SAVE), doing business as: The Warrior Summit Coalition is a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization and is a coalition of veterans and veteran supporters who’s aim is to increase enrollment in VA services and provide peer mentoring for veterans and military personnel.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is mandated by Congress to host Annual Welcome Home Celebrations to help military service members connect with VA Benefits. Statistics show that approximately 45% of veterans are taking advantage of VA benefits. As partners with the regional VA Facilities, the vision of The Warrior Summit Coalition, is to increase that number to at least 75%; and connect veterans with other veteran support organizations. We do this through our annual Welcome Home Warrior Summit Celebration www.warriorsummit.org;

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